A giraffe from first century Alexandria


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Agathemerus son of Orthon 3th century
A sketch of Geography in epitome.

Taken from: Youssouf Kamal: Monumenta Cartographica Africae et Aegypti
The people of Lybia
17.In Ethiopia; south of Egypt, the whole part following the coast, from Berronice at the street of the Arabic Gulf, is called Troglodytique. More to the interior one finds Azania, where several kinds of elephants live and where is the Aromatophore country.........
Dimensions of the Seas of the inhabited world.
The length of the sea Bracheia, a part of the Indian Ocean which compared to the other seas stretches the furthest to the East and west measures at Esinau, factory of Barbarie, or from the metropolis Rapta to Cottiaris, river of the Sinai (China) 52500 stades, or 7000 miles; its width from the end of the Big Gulf to the unknown zone 31403 stades.