Eutychius of Alexandria: Nazm al-gauhar
(the Thread of the Beads) (d. 940 A.D.)

Taken from:  J. Selden, Contextio Gemmarum, 2 vols. Oxford 1858/9


... Descendants of Kana’an are: The Canaanites, the Philistines, the inhabitants of Miṣr: i.e. the Qibṭ, the Maris, the various races of Blacks (as-Sudan), the Ḥabasha, the Nuba, the Beja, the Zanj, the Zuṭṭ, the Qarran, the Samaritans, (as-Samirah), the Zabayy, the Maghribis and the Barbar. They possess twenty-six islands, among which Sardinia, Malta, Crete and a part of Cyprus are found. They have six alphabets; Egyptian, Nubian, Ethiopian, Faranj [sic! for friji],
Punic and Kankali (Colchian?)