A giraffe found in a Roman mosaic in Israel from 567AD


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Stephanos Byzantios (d565) Ethnica,

(About the Towns) in Greek

Taken from: Youssouf Kamal: Monumenta Cartographica Africae et Aegypti
He is one of those authors who calls all black people Ethiopians
Aroma; town of the Ethiopians according to Marcian. Its people; Aromeus. Strabo: The wine Aromeus Mesogeites is the best.
Aualites: Gulf in the right part of the Red Sea. The ethnique group has the same name.
Menouthis, village of Egypt close to Canobos and Menouthias; an island in Ethiopio. The ethnique group: Menouthites of Menouthis because of the kind of country but of Menouthias, Menouthieus.
Mosylon; promontory and market of Ethiopia. - Marcian in the first book of his itinerary
Prason: cape close to the Red Sea. Its people: Prasioi
Rhaptai: capital of the Ethiopians of the interior. Its people Rhapsioi. And anchorage: Rhapta and river Rhaptos. There is also a capital in Barbary called Rhapta.