Zhao Mo's jade sarcophagus with red silk,
on display in Guangzhou


Nanyue King's Zhao Mo Tomb (ruled 137 BC - 122 BC)


Taken from: www.nmh.gov.tw/Files/UpData/.../20120727_1002_1.pdf


His capital was Panyu, modern Guangzhou.

Nanyue King's Tomb found in 1983 in Guangzhou, in the mountains north of the city.

It contains besides lots of ivory items five  thick ivory tusks all between 120 and 126 cm in length, their shape features and size ratio are closer to the male African elephant then the Asian elephant.


Other foreign artifacts excavated: A Persian silver box featuring Western Asian silver wares and bronze incense burners and frankincense from Southeast Asia. All these findings prove that since the time of the Nanyue kingdom or even earlier, Guangzhou had started developing a marine trade with Persia and countries along the eastern coastal fringe of Africa.