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Linghu Defen: Zhou Shu; (Book of Zhou) (636)


Taken from: 周書/50 - 维基文库,自由的图书馆


Bosi-guo (Persia)波斯國

………… The city is ten miles big, with more than ten million households, the river flows south of the city. The land produces, gold, silver, tou-stone, coral, amber, che-qu, dragons-brain(ambergris), big pearls, po-li, glass, polish, sese, diamond, fire Qi, iron, copper, tin, cinnabar, mercury, aya , Kam, …… red roe deer skin, ……… Famous horses, donkeys and camels often walk seven hundred miles a day. Rich room(prayer halls) to thousands of heads, elephant tusks, …, big bird eggs.