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Kuo P'o (editor ); Shan hai ching
(Collection of the Mountains and Seas) (d324AD)

Taken from: AC Moule;  Some Foreign Birds and Beasts in Chinese Books
Also called Guo Pu. It is a compilation of much older texts.
The earliest mention of the zebra, and that rather open to doubt:
There is an animal  shaped like a horse, with a white head; striped like a tiger with a red tail. The sound is like yao (or a chant); the name is called lu-shu. If you wear it (?the skin) you are sure to have descendants.
Note: the description of the animal is taken from the first part of his book which is devoted to China. Not to foreign countries. This puts great doubt on the identification.
Many animals and creatures are described in the book of which are given some examples.