Aristotle from an Arab book

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Aristotle; Meteorology (350BC)

Taken from: Aristotle's Collection


So, too, in Libya there flow from the Aethiopian Mountains the Aegon and the Nyses; and from the so-called Silver Mountain the two greatest of named rivers, the river called Chremetes that flows into the outer ocean, and the main source of the Nile.

…as in the case of the crane; for these birds migrate from the steppes of Scythia to the marshlands south of Egypt where the Nile has its source.


Pseudo Aristotle: Liber de innundatione Nili (only survived in Medieval Latin translation)


Taken from: Fragmenta Aristotelis by Aristóteles, Firmin-Didot


Here is quoted Promathus of Samos (7th/6th cent. B. C. )


(When speaking of measuring the flow of the Nile) Promathus of Samos (has the Nile source) from the Silver Mountain, from which (flows also the) Cremetis. To be made bigger by the melted snow, to run throughout the whole of Libya, he said.