Left the sources of the Nile from al Sifaqsi (1551)

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Qadama (930) Kitab al Kharadj wa Sanat al katib
(Book of taxes and of secretarial work)

Taken from: Youssouf KamalIIIfasc1
Journal Asiatique 1837
Also called Kadama

….. Ham took on the south side the lands of the Zandjs, Hind, Sind and Sin then in the west the land of Nuba the Boudja and the Barber and all the islands in the eastern and western sea……

(About mountains) On the south of the equator in the south before arriving on the first climate….. then the Djabala al Qamar which is about 1000 miles long.

The Nile leaves from the mountains of Al-Qomr situated south of the equator. There one big spring gives birth to ten rivers of which five run to one lake the other five to the other lake. From each lake three rivers leave; they unite in a single lake situated in the first climate; at two degrees south of the equator; it is from that lake that the Nile leaves.