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Caliph Al-Mamoun: Tabula Almamuniana (833) Baghdad

Taken from: Das Stromsystem des Oberen Nil: Nach den neueren Kenntnissen mit Bezug auf ... By Gustav Adolph von Klöden


The Nile comes out of Kura Kawar Lake, south of which is the mountain Komr, this round lake is under the equator, its centre falls at 53 deg Longitude according to others 2 deg latitude the Western site at 52 Longitude the Eastern border at 54 Longitude.


Note: Lake Kura Kawar or Kereoue is better known as lake Victoria Nyanza.
With this map the tradition started to make the Nile (or a branch of it) start or pass through a lake called Koura


The World map of the Caliph Al-Ma'mun
Taken from : catalogue  Library of Congress (map found on several websites)

As contained in the Kitab masalik al-absar by Ibn Fadlallah al-Umari (d. 1349 A.D.), MS 2797/1 Ahmet III Collection, Topkappi Sarayi Library, Istanbul.  Includes ancillary reconstruction of the facsimile map by Dr. Aladdin Jokhosha. In this same work are also found the different sectional maps. Added is the map for East Africa.